Get Legal opinion of the property
Guideline Value of the property
Registration and hand over
Fencing the land
Monthly inspections to the property
Maintaining the property after purchase
Getting Patta (for land)
Updating the current value of the property
Change of Name in EB, Corporation
Letting management

Key Plan


One way of identifying the best areas is to look for Vibi Promoters. Our policy of building up reserves of prime land ensures that our buildings offer the best addresses, both residential and commercial.


We work with the best architects and each of our projects is characterized by design that is both creative and functional.

At the outset, we are focused on the customers who will ultimately inhabit and use the space and all elements of design concentrate on ensuring that their needs are fulfilled.


To understand what makes a project feasible requires experience and long term vision. We study and identify market trends and customer requirements before we embark on construction and monitor costs at each step of the way. It is our endeavor to always provide options that provides best value-for-money today and continuous appreciation in the future.

Timely Execution

To deliver true benefits, projects must be effectively managed, not only to monitor costs, but also to control scheduling. Our integrated systems, sophisticated infrastructure and professional project management techniques ensure streamlined operations and timely completion.

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