Get Legal opinion of the property
Guideline Value of the property
Registration and hand over
Fencing the land
Monthly inspections to the property
Maintaining the property after purchase
Getting Patta (for land)
Updating the current value of the property
Change of Name in EB, Corporation
Letting management


From selecting a site to delivering a finished building, quality consciousness pervades all our operations. It is our firm belief that not only do buildings of quality constantly increase in value, they are also easier to maintain in the long run, thus benefiting all those associated with them.

Quality is not a practice we follow; it is a way of life.
Quality has become our second nature.
Right from conceptualizing to develop and deliver unique, homes which stands beyond and become timeless it has been focusing on high quality architecture plans, strong project execution and simple mechanism of CUSTOMER CENTRIC APPROACH paves the way for us to maintain high levels of quality.
The focus of quality has evolved over during the completion of various prestigious projects in our illustrious building career.
Today Vibi Promoters focuses more sustainable environment friendly homes with superior standards.

Customer Service

Our steadily expanding customer base is the result of a genuine understanding of diverse client requirements. From designing and constructing an entire complex for one customer, to helping individuals with paper-work, the emphasis is always on maximizing customer satisfaction.

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